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S.TA ch 7-14

Applewhites vocal

abstractedly absent-minded, preoccupied
Achilles heel a vulnerable spot or a weakness
ambiance: an environment or a distinct atmosphere
brink the edge of , the verge of something occurring
deluge an overwhelming , flood like rush of anything
demolition derby a public show in which old automobiles are driven into one another repeatedly
desecration to treat as not sacred, not of importance
deterioration to make or become worse, lower in quality
disheveled to cause hair, clothing , etc. to become disarranged or untidy, rumpled
ferociously the act of being violent, cruel
incorrigible cannot be corrected, improved, becomes set in bad habits
indeterminate set in bad habits indeterminate
invasion to enter forcibly, to invade
loathing intense dislike, disgust, hatred
maneuvered to move about skillfully, carefully
monopolizing taking over control of something,
mortar a short-barreled cannon which hurls bullets
muddled to confuse mentally, to mix up
perpetuate to cause to be continue or be remembered, preserve
recluse to shut away from the world, a person who lives in a secluded life
Tai Ch a series of exercises developed in China, characterized by slow, relaxed, circular movements
temperament ones frame of mind or natural disposition
unmitigated absolute, total, complete
unrequited unanswered, unreturned
variegated multicolored, spotted, flecked
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