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Ben/mal Root Quiz

Ben/Bene/Bon: good, well; mal/male: bad, abnormal; worse

benediction a good blessing in a religious service
benefactor a good person who offers help or donates money
beneficial having a good outcome; favorable
beneficiary a person who receives something good from someone else such as an inheritance
benefit to gain or receive good results from something
benevolent kind; good-hearted
benign favorable; having a good effect; not harmful
bonafide in good faith; authentic; genuine; real
bonus anything good that is received over and beyond what was expected (usually money)
bon voyage French for "have a good trip"
dismal depressing; causing gloom or misery; causing bad feelings
malady bad health; illness; sickness
malaria bad air; a disease usually spread by infected mosquitoes
malefactor an evildoer; a person who does bad things
malevolent a word that describes a person or character who wishes bad things would happen to others
malfeasance wrongdoing or bad conduct by a public official
malice mischief; evil intent; bad will
malignant harmful; something bad enough that it could result in death when related to cancer
malnourished having bad health or having poor nutrition
malodorous bad smell; stinky
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