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The Buehue Club

This stack contains all that you need to know about a small town comic series

Super Mom Trevors Mom
Buehue Club They Make comics
Chez 4th Buehue
Buehue Leader Ses
Sav Buttsoak Meatball
Trevs 2nd Buehue
Alwac 7th Buehue
Milkshakes Evil cat who is Ses's Mortal enemy
Dead Dog Whenever it barks it goes "DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!"
2006 Was when Buehue Club was made
Harzardous Comics Was A side project involing the end of the world
Gauge Buttsuck 3rd Buehue
Moo Moo A little chihuahua owned by Trevs
Comics Inc. The place where Buehues were published
22 Ses's Favorite Number
Diet Dew 17th Buehue
Seth Taulbee Ses's true name
Trevor Helmig Trevs true name
Savannah Helmig Sav's true name
Drew Green Diet Dew's true name
Hailey Taulbee P R Puff's true name
P R Puff Platatutonis 18th Buehue
Walton 5th Buehue
Dalton Roberts Waltons true name
Trevors Dad Can turn into a snail and says "WUBA WUBA WUBA!"
Dylan Shmit Dilwid's true name
Dakotas 21st Buehue
Jashob Fwayshb 22nd Buhehue
Created by: Sethums on 2014-02-26

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