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Civil Law

Actual Harm Injury caused and property is destroyed or loss of monetary value.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Resolving a disagreement outside of the usual court system
Arbitration Giving the power to settle their dispute to a third party.
Assault An attempt to commit a battery against another person
Assumption of Risk When the plaintiff knew of the risk involved and still took the chance of being injured.
Battery the unlawful touching or forceful striking of another person using a hand, a weapon or other instrument.
Breach break or breach duty to another person
Causation That breach of duty caused the injury
Comparative Negligence When the carelessness of each party is compared to the other party's carelessness
Contributory Negligence the defendant can show that the victim did something that helped cause his/her own injuries
Conversion When property is stolen, destroyed or used in a manner that is inconsistent with an owner's right.
Court Injunctions Court order that prevents a party from performing a specific act and may be temporary or permanent.
Damages A payment recovered in court by a person who has suffered an injury.
Defamation A false statement that injuries a person' reputation or good name.
Duty Obligation to use a reasonable standard of care to prevent injury to others
False Imprisonment the intentional confinement of a person against the person's will and without the lawful ability to do so
Fraud when there is an intentional misrepresentation of an existing important fact, which cause the victim to give up a right or something of value
Interference with Contracts If a third party encourages a breach in any way, then that third party may be liable in tort
Invasion of Privacy Uninvited intrusion into a ones' personal relationships and activities.
Mediation When parties to a dispute invite a mediator, to help solve the problem
Money Damages A payment recovered in court by a person who has suffered an injury.
Negligence A tort that results when a person carelessly injures another.
Proximate Cause reasonably foreseeable that a branch of duty will result in an injury.
Punitive Damages damages exceeding simple compensation and awarded to punish the defendant.
Tort A private wrong committed by one person against another.
Trespass to Land Entry onto the property of another without consent
Vicarious Liability A person is liable for the torts of another
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