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Chap. 9-Larson

Larson-Changes to Earth's Surface

What do you call a physical feature on Earth's surface, such as a mountain or valley? landform
What do you call the process of moving sediment from one place to another? erosion
What do you call the process of dropping, or depositing, sediments in a new location? deposition
An______________is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's__________. earthquake crust
The layer of rock beneath the Earth's crust is the___________. mantle
The__________is the center of the Earth. core
A__________is a block of Earth's crust and upper mantle rock. plate
Molten rock under Earth's surface is called_________. magma
Lava is magma that reaches Earth's surface through an opening called a __________. volcano
A_________is a break in the Earth's crust, along which pieces of the crust move. fault
What term is used to describe all of the landforms in a certain place? Topography
What do you call a large, thick sheet of ice? glacier
A________is a hill of sand, made and shaped by the wind. sand dune
What area of new land will you find at the end of a river? delta
What do you call the process of breaking down rock into soil, sand, and other particles? weathering
What are the layers of the Earth from outside in? Crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
Why is the center of the Earth solid, even though it is the hottest part? From all of the pressure
What are 3 types of volcanoes? 1)Cinder Cone 3)Shield 2)Composite
What are two types of crustal plates? 1)Oceanic 2)Continental
What happens when plates push together? Mountain volcanoes form
What happens when plates pull apart? Fault rifts
What happens when plates slide past each other? Earthquake
What kind of land form is created by a glacier? Terminal moraine and glacial groves
How are the Hawaiian Islands formed? Over a hot spot in the mantle.