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Rom. Adj. Feelings

Romanian Adjectives - Feelings

distracție fun, entertainment, distraction
amabil kind
mândru proud
prostesc silly
supărat angry
dezorientat bewildered, perplexed, disoriented
neîndemânatic clumsy
învins defeated
jenat embarrassed, ashamed
feroce fierce
morocănos grumpy
neajutorat helpless
râios itchy
gelos jealous
leneș lazy
misterios mysterious
nervos nervous
neplăcut obnoxious
de panică panicky
respingător repulsive, abhorrent, offensive
groaznic scary
neatent careless, inattentive, thoughtless
încuiat uptight, reserved
îngrijorat worried
mânios wrathful
Created by: matteber