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romeo and juliet


pernicious destructive
prodigious threating
choler body humorous
disposition qualities of mind
augmenting make greater
boisterous energetic
assailing violent attack
shrift confession
transgression an act that goes against a law
portentous sign/warning
conjure use magic to call him
consort a ship sailing in company with another ship
prorogue to suspend or end legislative session
rancor intense hatred or spite
perjury violation of an oath
invocation processof invoking
variable able to be changed or adapted
jest a thing said or done for amusement
wherefore for what reason
procure obtain something esp. with care or effort
prevail to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority
beguile to deceive by cunning means
appertain to belong or connected as a possesion
effeminate having feminine qualities not typical of a man
agile able to make quickly and easily
garish excessively vivid
dismal showing or causing gloom or depression
calamity state of deep distress or misery caused by major or misfortune or loss
sojourn a temporary stay
abhor to feel extreme aversion for
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