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Transcription Quiz

Transcription Quiz Core D 1/31/14

DNA cannot... Leave the nucleus of a cell
DNA's genetic info (directions)is copied onto... RNA
RNA is... Another nucleic acid
RNA stands for... Ribose Nucleic Acid
RNA's nucleotide has... s-p | 1/4 Bases
RNA can... enter/leave nucleus of a cell
RNA's 4 bases are... Adenine, Uracill, Cytosine, Guanine: AU & CG
Uracill is almost like... Thymine
Step one... helicases come in and break bonds between bases
step two... single binding proteins keep them apart
step 3.. RNA polymerase comes in and lays down new nucleotides on DNA strands
3 types of rna are... messenger, transfer, ribosomal
messenger/mRNA/mRNA___________... long chains of nucleotides in multiples of 3/codons
Transfer/tRNA... short, 3-base long structures that chemically recognize a specific amino acid in the cell
Ribosomal/rRNA/fat bunny form into a structure called a ribosome
Created by: smurthy19

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