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advantages of asexual reproduction Requires one parent produces a lot of offspring in a short amount of time
the Disadvantages of asexual reproduction populations are so genetically similar. that it would a long time to adapt to changing environments. this causes them to be extint
The advantages of sexual reproduction Diversity is greater. the genetic variation from previous generations provides the advantage t adopt more quickly in a changing enivorment
the disadvantage of sexual reproduction requires 2 parents reproduction is slower
what is selective breeding when organisms will reproduce based on desired traits.
what is genetics the study of how traits are inherited
what is a dominate traits some traits often showmen in the offspring
what is recessive traits traits showed up only rarely, and masked by dominate traits
what is a gene part of DNA which coils up into a chromosome
what is an alleles the different versions of a gene
what is heterozygous has 2 different alleles for a gene
what is gamete reproductive cells (egg & sperm)
what is zygote a single cell formed as a result of the merging of an egg cell and a sperm cell.
what is genotype uses letters as symbols
what is phenotype the physical appearance of the gene
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