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Marketing Game

3.07 Channel Management

Agents intermediaries who assist in the sale and/or promotion of good and services but do not take title to them
Brokers negotiate the sale of a product then allows the seller to accept or reject the prospective buyer's offer
Channel a path through which goods and services flow on direction (from vendor to consumer), and the payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction (from consumer to vendor)
Channel Intensity refers to the number of intermediaries present in the distribution or marketing channel
Channel Length the total number of channel members in a channel of distribution
Channel Management process by which marketers ensure that products are distributed to customers efficiently and effectivly
Channel Members businesses or individuals who assist in moving goods and services from the producer to the consumer
Channels of Distribution paths or routes, that goods and services take from the producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial user
Consumer Goods tangible items produced for personal use
Consumer Goods and Services products produced for personal consumption
Contractual Efficiency channel intermediaries who have to optimize the number of exchange relationships required to complete a transaction
Direct Distribution a channel of distribution in which goods and services from the producer to the consumer or industrial user
Distribution a marketing/business function that is responsible for moving, storing, locating and/or transferring ownership of good and sevices
Distribution Center short-term storage center located close to a major market to facilitate the rapid processing of orders and shipment of goods to customers
Distribution Intensity the level of market exposure a certain distribution pattern achieves
Distribution Patterns form, grouping, lineup, method, ordering, organization
Distribution Process all the steps involved in the physical movement or the transfer of ownership of a good or service from the producer to the consumer
Distribution System the combination of distribution activities that a company uses to distribute it goods or services
Distributor a channel member who helps to sell a business's products
Dual Distribution distributing a product through two different channels
E-Tailers retailers who operate solely online
Exclusive Distribution a distribution pattern in which a producer sells a product through just one middleman in a geographic area
Horizontal Conflict a type of channel conflict that occurs between channel members at the same level
Indirect Distribution
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