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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs and their definition

Phrasal VerbDefinition
Ask after Ask news about something
Back down Withdraw from a project or proposition; no longer give support to something
Back out Decide not to complete something you agreed to; fail to keep a promise
Bank on Depend on something happening or on someone doing something
Bend down Move to the top part of your body forwards and downwards
Break down Stop working; cause to collapse, destroy Have a physical or mental collapse
Break out Start suddenly or abruptly Emerge, escape
Bring forward Change the date or time of an event to an earlier moment
Bring in Introduce a new law or system
Bring on Be the cause of something bad, especially an illness
Bring out Produce a new product and start to sell it
Bring up Look after a child until he or she becomes an adult Start discussing a subject
Call off Cancel an event that had been planned or had already started
Carry on Continue doing an activity that was already in progress
Catch on Become popular or fashionable Understand, usually after initial difficulty
Chase after Follow someone or something quickly in order to catch them
Close down Stop doing business or operating permanently
Come (a)round Happen or take place again
Come (a)round to Change your opinion or a decision
Come across Find something or meet someone by chance
Come by Get something, especially something that is hard to get
Come down with Become ill with a particular disease, usually not a serious one
Come forward Offer help or information
Come into Become in possession of, usually through an inheritance
Come off Happen or turn out to be successful
Come on Make progress or develop Start to be broadcast
Come round Pay a visit, mostly used when going to someone’s house
Come round (to) Regain consciousness
Come up with Think of something such as an idea or a plan
Cross out Draw an X or line through writing indicating that it is wrong, something has been cancelled or a task has been completed
Cut down on Start doing less of something, usually because it isn’t good for your health
Cut off Stop the supply of something – as a result something may stop working (for example, due to lack of electrical power) Make a place difficult or impossible to enter, leave or communicate with (for example, due to roadwork)
Dawn on Realize about something for the first time
Die down Become much less noisy, powerful or active; wither away; lose strength
Do away with Get rid of something
Do up Repair, paint and improve an old building, car, boat, …
Drop off Start to sleep Take someone to a place in a car, usually without getting out of the car yourself
Drop out Leave something such as an activity, school or competition before you have finished what you intended to do
Drown out Prevent a sound from being heard by making a louder noise
Fall for Believe that a trick or a joke is true
Fall out Stop being friendly with someone because you have had a disagreement with them
Fill in Add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces on an official document
Flick through Leave through; turn the pages of a magazine, newspaper, leaflet of book very quickly and looking at them only briefly Quickly look through the tv channels so as to see what’s on
Get away Go somewhere different from where you live so as to rest or spend a short holiday Take a break from routine
Get back Return to a place
Get by Have just enough of something (such as money or knowledge) so that you can do what you need to do
Get down Make someone feel sad or lose hope
Get on for Be almost a particular time, number, age, etc.
Get on Like each other and are friendly to each other Getting fairly old (said of people)
Get through Use or finish something
Give away Show an emotion or quality that you are trying to hide
Give off Emit, send forth Produce something such as heat or a smell
Give out Distribute; give something to several people Become used up or exhausted; run out Stop functioning; fail
Give up Surrender; devote (oneself) completely Stop doing something that was done regularly Lose hope for or lose hope of seeing
Go down Be remembered by posterity for having done something Set, drop below the horizon Fall to the ground Sink Decrease in cost or value
Go into Deal with something in detail Undertake as a profession or course of study
Go off Stop being fresh (as of food) Explode; make a noise or sound Adhere to the expected course of events or the expected plan Stop liking someone or something
Go on Continue happening or doing something as before Do something after doing something else
Go over Repeat a series of things or think about them again in order to understand them completely
Grow on Become progressively more acceptable or pleasant to
Hand down Bequeath or give to your heirs Make and pronounce an official decision (especially a court verdict)
Hand in Give something to a person in authority
Hand out Distribute freely; administer or deal out
Keep on Continue doing something
Leave out Not include someone or something
Let down Disappoint, fail to meet the expectations of Withdraw support from, forsake Cause to come down gradually, lower
Let off Give someone little or no punishment for something they did wrong Make something such as a bomb explode
Let off on (Informal) Cause to diminish, as in pressure; ease up on
Look after Take care of someone or something and make certain that they have everything they need
Look down on Think that you are better or more important than someone else
Look into Try to discover the facts about somethingsuh as a problem or crime
Look out Used for warning someone to be careful, especially because they are in a dangerous situation and likely to have an accident
Look up to Admire and respect someone
Look up Try to find a particular piece of information by looking in a book or on a list, or by using a computer
Make for Move towards a place
Make off Escape with something, especially something stolen
Make out Pretend that something is true See, hear, or understand someone or something with difficulty Write all the necessary information on a document such as a cheque
Make up for Provide something good, so that something bad seems less important
Make up Become friendly with someone again after an argument Invent a story, poem, etc.
Name after Give someone or something the same name as someone or something else
Narrow down Reduce the number or possibilities or choices
Pass away Die
Pass out Suddenly become unconscious (because of heat, for example)
Pick on Keep treating someone badly badly or unfairly, especially by criticising them
Pick up Go and meet someone or something that you have arranged to take somewhere in a vehicle
Pop in Go somewhere quickly or for a short time
Pull in Arrive at a destination and stop there Arrest (a criminal suspect)
Pull out Stop being involved in an activity, event or situation
Pull through Manage to stay alive after you have been very ill or very badly injured
Put by Save an amount of money so that you can buy or pay for something in the future
Put down Criticize someone, especially when other people are present, ina way that makes them feel stupid Kill an animal using a drug because it is very ill or very dangerous
Put down to Explain something as being caused by something else
Put forward Suggest something or offer an idea, opinion, reason, etc. especially so that someone can discuss it and make a decision
Put off Delay doing something Make someone not want to do something, or make someone nto like someone or something
Put on Add (for example weight so that you become fatter) Clothe oneself with Produce, perform
Put out Extinguish; expel Publish
Put through Connect someone to the person they want to speak to on the telephone
Put to Match something (a name, a date, etc) with something else Say something to someone in a particular way
Run out of Use all of something and not have any left
Run over Hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them
Sail through Do something or deal with something very easily
See off Go somewhere such as a station or airport with someone in order to say goodbye to them
See through Understand the true character or nature of someone Provide support or cooperation to someone throughout a period of time Work on a project until completion
See to Attend to or deal with someone or something
Set off Start a journey or start going in a particular direction
Set out Explain, describe or arrange something in a clear and detailed way, especially in writing Start a journey Start doing or working on something in order to achieve an aim
Set to Start doing something in a determined or enthusiastic way
Set up Start something such as a business, organisation or institution
Settle down Become calm after being upset, nervous or excited or to make someone do this Begin to live a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in a place
Show off Behave in a way that is intended to attract people's attention and make them admire you
Stand in for Do someone else's job temporarily while they are not available to do it
Stand out Be easy to see or notice because of being different
Take aback Be shocked or surprised, especially by something someone says or does to you
Take after Resemble an older relative in appearance, temperament or character; look or behave like Follow as an example
Take down Write down information or a statement
Take in Trick someone into believing something that is not true
Take off Leaving the ground to start crying (said of an aircraft) Remove something, especially a piece of clothing
Take on Accept some work or responsibility Start to employ someone
Take to Begin to like someone or something Start doing something as a habit
Take up Fill a particular amount of space or time Start doing something regularly as a habit, job or interest
Tear down Destroy or remove a structure or part of a structure
Think through Consider the facts about something in an organised and thorough way
Throw away Get rid of something that you no longer want
Try on Put on a piece of clothing in order to see how it looks and whether it fits
Turn down Refuse to accept an offer or request
Turn in Hand in, give over; inform on or deliver Produce (Informal)Go to bed at night
Turn into Change or develop into something different
Turn off Stop using a piece of equipment by pressing a button or moving a switch
Turn out Develop in a particular way or have a particular result
Turn over Turn a page in a book or a sheet of paper so that the other side is towards you
Turn round Return the same way that you came instead of continuing on your journey
Turn up Come somewhere unexpectedly or without making a firm arrangement
Wear off Diminish gradually in effect
Wear out Make or become unusable through long or heavy use Use up or consume gradually; exhaust, tire
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