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Kacy China

china test

What is China's 1st pillar? The family
How many generations are in a household? 5 generations
What does Patriarchal mean? Oldest man is the boss
What is Confucianism? A religion that is based on Confucius. His students philosophy became Confucianism.
Who is Confucius? He was very important & the most famous of the early Chinese thinkers.
What did Confucius do? He was a teacher who taught only the rich. He looked for a ruler who would follow his teachings.
What is Philosophy? A system of beliefs and values, that his students' writings made up.
What was Confucius' goal? To order in society
What was the period he lived in known as? "The Time of Warring States"
What was the Christians & Jews golden rule? "Do not do to others what you would not want done to yourself"
What did Confucius' teachings become? The basic training for members of the Civil Service.
What does Civil Service mean? The group of people who carry out the work of government.
What were Confucius' teachings based on? Exams for people to get jobs
True or False: At first, did Confucius think he was a failure? True. He would've been surprised at the impact he had in China.
What is silk made from? Silk worm, bee, & spider
Did many people go the whole way of the silk road? No
What is Cultural Diffusion? The spreading or exchange of goods & ideas from one culture or location to another.
What are some things that were traded on the Silk Road? Ideas, Food, Gold, Ivory, Culture, Languages, etc...
Give an example of Cultural Diffusion. Trade, Silk Road
How many countries do you have to go through on the Silk Road? About 6
What would be some physical challenges to get through on the Silk Road? Deserts, Mountains, Himalayans, Tundra, Rivers
What would be some human made challenges to get through on the Silk Road? Guns, Indians, Towns, Wagons (other people)
How long is the Silk Road? About 5,5oo Kilo Meters Long
Created by: kacyjeffries

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