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7th Grade China

What was the first pillar? Pillar 1: The Family
How does the family list their name? Last name, then first name Ex. Thompson Emma
Why do the parents delay giving the child a name? So the grandparents and family can pick out a name together
In an extended family, how many generations are usually in the family? 5
How much percent has living in an extended family in the U.S. gone up since 2000? It has gone up 30%
How many households have at least 3 generations living in the same home? 6.6 million
What state has the most households with more than one generation living in the same home? Hawaii
What kind of society does China have? Patriarchal, this means that it was dominated by the oldest male in the family
What does Filial Piety mean? Respecting and honoring your ancestors and elders
What was the second pillar? Confucianism
What is Confucianism? Confucianism is based on the teachings of Confucius
What is Confucius known as? He is known as China's first teacher
What were the basic teachings of Confucius? 1) Education was very important 2) Leaders must rule wisely and justly 3) If order and peace existed in society they would prosper
What did Confucius believe in? He believed in the five relationships
What were the five relationships? 1) Ruler and ruled 2) Father and son 3) Husband and wife 4) Older brother to younger brother 5)Friend to friend
What is Cultural Diffusion? The spreading of, or exchange of, goods and ideas from one culture or location to another. Trade is an example of cultural diffusion.
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