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Chapter 6 vocabualry

Chapter 6 vocabulary

distinct separate
federal system a system that divided powers between the states and the federal government
impeach vote to bring charges of serious crimes against, a president or supreme court judge
veto cancel
executive orders a rule or regulation issued by the President in certain circumstances; executive orders have the force of congressional law
pardons freedom from punishment to persons convicted of federal crimes or facing criminal charges
Thurgood Marshall first African American justice
Sandra Day O'Connor first female justice
ascertained found out
assembly holding meetings or demonstrating
infringed taken away
prescribed authorized
quartered housed
warrants written orders authorizing a person to make an arrest, seizure, or a search
James Madison Federalist who presented a list of proposed amendments to the House of Representatives
majority rule the idea that the greatest number of people in society can make policies for everyone
petition to make a request of the government
search warrant an order giving authorities permission to search someone's property
indict formally accuse
double jeopardy cannot be tried again for the same crime
eminent domain power to take personal property to benefit the public
influence change or have an effect on
naturalized citizen a person born in another country who has been granted citizenship in the United States
deport return to the country of origin
draft required military service
political action committees group that collects money for candidates who support certain issues
interest groups groups of people who share a common interest that motivates them to take political action
apportionment system that keeps total House members at 435 members
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