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Mice and men list 2


Word Definition
derision Negativity, mockery, an insult,
reprehensible shameful, disgraceful, unforgivable behavior
cower to cringe or crouch in fear
ego reputation, sense of self, self esteem,
aloof emotionally detached, separate yourself from others,
contemptuous a strong disrespect or dislike. insulting
disarming irresistable, charming,
meager puny, skimpy, small (amount)
jeer to laugh at, make fun of, a rude remark,
console soothe, pacify
bewildered confused, surprised, shocked
complacent satisfied with one's actions, not worried about doing more
ominous gloomy, giving an impression that something bad will happen, threatening prediction
monotonous boring, dull, lacking in variety,
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