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3 types of rocks & rock cycle

What is the difference between magma & lava magma is molten material INSIDE earth lava is molten material ON earth's surface
What are intrusive igneous rocks? rocks that form below earth's surface
What shows how one rock can change to another rock? the rock cycle
What processes changes sedimentary rocks to sediment? weathering and erosion
What forms an igneous rock? cooled magma or lava
Foliated rocks are distinguished by ____. layers
Lava that cools quickly forms _____ rocks. extrusive igneous
What are the classifications of metamorphic rocks? foliated and nonfoliated
A rock is always ___________. a mixture of minerals, organic matter, volcanic glass, or other materials
What process shows how one rock changes into another? rock cycle
How are sedimentary rocks formed? loose material become compacted and/or cemented together or from evaporation of solutions
A rock is always made from a _________. mixture of minerals
What type of crystals does a rock that forms in slowly cooled magma have? large
What rock is made from lava cooling at Earth's surface? extrusive igneous
What rock had layers of dark minerals alternating with layers of light minerals? foliated metamorphic
When magma cools deep inside earth, what type of rock forms? intrusive igneous
How are sediments in sedimentary rocks held together? natural cements
What type of rock has the remains of once-living things? Organic sedimentary
What type of rock are fossils usually found in? Sedimentary
Who studies and analyzes the composition of rocks? A geologists
What are 3 examples of organic sedimentary rocks? chalk, limestone, coal
What crystallizes directly from water to form chemical sedimentary rocks? minerals
What processes change rocks on Earths' surface? weathering, deposition erosion, compaction
What determines the size of grains in igneous rocks? cooling rate
What factors form metamorphic rocks? heat and pressure
What are pieces of rock in sedimentary rocks? clasts
What is cementation? the process of minerals crystallizing between sediment grains and act like a glue
What is compaction? The process in which pressure from the upper layers of sediment push down on lower layers, causing them to stick together
What type of metamorphism is taking place when heat and gases from magma interact with surrounding rock? contact metamorphism
What type of rock does contact metamorphism create? Nonfoliated metamorphic rock
What process allows a metamorphic rock to bend and fold? plastic deformation
Where do most metamorphic rocks form? deep in Earth's crust and mantle
What process is the formation of extremely large metamorphic rocks? regional metamorphism
What is an example of an extrusive igneous rock? obsidian pumice
What is an example of an intrusive igneous rock? granite
Why are most fossils found in sedimentary rocks? Sedimentary rocks form ON earth's surface and that is where the organism dies and becomes covered in sediment over time.
What is a parent rock? The igneous or sedimentary rock that changes during metamorphism
What is the difference between foliated and nonfoliated metamorphic rock? Foliated has visible layers and Nonfoliated does not have visible layers.
What two changes in rock give an indication that the rock has undergone metamorphism? Changes to Composition and Texture
How can an igneous rock change to a sedimentary rock? weathering and/or erosion into sediment then compress and/or cement
How can a sedimentary rock change to a metamorphic rock? heat and pressure
How can a metamorphic rock change to a sedimentary rock? uplift then weathering and/or erosion
How can an igneous change to a metamorphic rock? heat and pressure
How can a metamorphic rock change to an igneous rock? It must melt and turn into magma then cool
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