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Call of the Wild

English 7-H

Primitive very basic, crude, unrefined, characteristic, of early man
imperious dictorial, overbearing
Sate to satisfy
treacherous Back-stabbing; dangerous
ebb to decline or decay
calamity disaster, misfortune
taunt to tease, make fun of, mock
metamorphose change, evolve
ignominious dishonorable, despicable, shameful
cunning sly in a clever way
goad prod and prick; drive
covert A shelter, a hiding place... Like a hobbit hole!
Superfluous Excessive, obsolete, extravagant, being more than necessary
Perpetual Continuous and never ending
Vigilant Alert, watchful, keen
Chivalrous Courage, loyalty
Impel Press, urge or propel
Belie Disguise or contradict
Progeny Your offspring, your child and grandchildren
Prowess Superior ability, exceptional skill
Dubious Questionable, suspect, untrustworthy, shady
Fortify Strengthen, to make strong
Apathy Lack of interest or concern
Wantoness Unrestrained, careless, foolhardy behavior
Deft Skillful and clever, accurate
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