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AIJ 3 Chapter 4

Adventures in Japanese 3 Chapter 4

ぶしゅ radical
~かく stroke
かず amount
かんたん simple
ふくざつ complicated
まちがえる to make mistakes
stem+やすい easy to ~
stem+にくい hard to ~
おん(よみ) Chinese reading
くん(よみ) Japanese reading
いみ meaning
どういういみですか What does it mean?
~といういみです It means ~
漢字じてん Kanji dictionary
(じしょを)ひく to look up a word (in the dictionary)
さがす to search for,look for
(~が)みつかる to be found
(~を)みつける to find
なかなか+neg (not)easily
stem+はじめる to begin doing~
stem+おわる to finish doing~
stem+つづける to continue doing~
しょきゅう beginning level
ちゅうきゅう intermediate level
じょうきゅう advanced level
~かい ~times
しらべる to check, investigate
わえいじてん Japanese to English dictionary
えいわじてん English to Japanese dictionary
ぶん sentence
けいざい economics
かたち shape
かきじゅん stroke order
思い出す to recall
やくす to translate
めちゃくちゃ messy,confusing,incorrect
さいきん recently
たとえば for example
まんが comics
はつおん pronunciation
はつおんする to pronounce
きょうみ interest
sentence しsentence besides,what's more
sentence て(から)sentence afterS1,S2
Created by: sheyba2