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sadlier-oxford F

level F unit 4

unit 4 vocab.definitions
affable couteous and pleasant
aggrandize to increase in greatness
amorphous shapless, without organization
aura a distinctive air or personal quality
contraband illegal, prohibited, smuggled goods
erudite scholarly, bookish
gossamer thin, light, delicate cloth
infer to find out by reasoning, suggest
inscrutable incapable of being understood
insular isolated in outlook or experience
irrevocable incapable of being changed
propensity a natural inclination
querulous peevish, complaining
remonstrate to protest or object to
repudiate to disown, reject, deny validity
resilient able to recover quickly
reverberate to re-echo, resound, reflect
scurrilous coarsely abusive, vulgar, low
sedulous persistent, showing determination
sleazy thin or flimsy in texture, cheap
Created by: lleyser on 2008-04-30

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