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Flag football Tilken

Flag Football-Tilkens

How many points is a field goal worth? 3
When throwing a football, your body should be turned_______________to the target. sideways
The defensive line players who have a job of trying to tackle the quarterback are the______. defensive end
How many points is an extra point worth? 1
A pass caught in the air by a defender is known as an___________________. interception
The players that have a job of defending the run and the pass _________________. linebacker
__________fingers should be on the laces when gripping a football. Two or three
How many points is a touchdown worth? 6
You should step forward with your foot____________ when throwing a football. opposite your throwing arm
How should your hand look when you are catching a football that is thrown low or below the waist? pinkies together
When you are centering a football, you should grip the ball_________________. as if you are going to throw it
Flag football has been played since the early_______. 1800's
The defensive line players who have a job of trying to stop a running play are the_________ defensive tackle
Who is flag football most popular with? Adult and college recreational leagues
What kind of stance do you use when you center the ball? 3 point
Which player snaps the ball to the quarterback? center
Who is the player that uses their speed and quickness to run and try to catch the ball? wide receiver
Which player is known as the leader of the team? quarterback
When you punt a football, you should hold the ball at___________level. waist
The__________are the players that must defend the deep passes and run. safety
The imaginary line which no player may cross before the snap is called the____________. line of scrimmage
Two different types of defense that are used during a game of football are: man to man and zone
What is it called when a pass falls to the ground because the receiver couldn't catch it? incompletion
What is it called when the ball carrier loses possession by dropping the ball? fumble
What is the area that scores a touchdown called? end zone