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Real Idiom


avail oneself of They availed themselves of the opportunity to hear a fine concert free of charge.
be at a loss. 어찌할 바를 모르다. I was completely at a loss for words when she told me the news.
be in charge of = be responsible for she took charge of the family business when her father died.
behave oneslef He behaves as if he owned the universe.
bring about = cause Science has brought about many changes in our lives.
call for = demand , = require The opposition have called for an immediate inquire into the behavior of the police.
care for = take care of Would you care for his pet while he is gone?
carry on = 수행하다 Rescue operations were carried on in spite of the storm.
carry out = perform They carried out their plan without incident.
come across = run into We came across his sister while we were shopping.
come true A dream may come true more easily than you imagine.
come up with = catch up with I come up with them as they were rounding the corner.
count on = depend on You can't count on him for financial help.
depend on = rely on The organization depends on the government for most of its income
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