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morbid obesity refers to pt who weigh over ___ 100 pounds
place a ______under the knees and the safety belt _____inches above the knees pillow 2
a _______ cut down may be needed to start an IV venus
_________ may be difficult intubation
two things that the obese person has (co-morbidity) respiratory insufficiency and type 1 diabetes,
these people should always have on? venous compression device
abdominal procedures are best performed in the ________ trimester 2
in the _____trimester there is a 40% risk of premature labor 3
name the two most common non obstetric emergencies in pg women appendicitis and chlecystits
the pulse rate will go ____, the arterial bp is ____ as compared to pre baby up lower
EFM electronic fetal heart monitor
Do anesthesia agents cross the placental barrier yes
drugs that have adcerse effect on the fetus in the first trimester include: S______,T_____,H____ and N_____ sedatives tranquilizers halogenated nitrous oxide
_______ aid in decreasing the uterine tone and aid in preventing uterine contractions halogenated
_______and ______ can stimulate preterm labor. vasopressors and neostigmine
the degree of function for an immune system that is designed to keep a pt from infection by pathogens immunocompetence
three autoimmune diseases are ra--lupus erythematosus--ms
Hiv attacks which lymphocytes in the body t-lymphocytes
multiple external and internal lesions due to ___________ are know on the HIV pt kaposi's sarcoma
HIV pt will most likely have extreme _____ and _____ wasting muscle tissue
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