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Prefixes 1

latin and greek

Anti Against
Co, Com , Con Together
Contra, Counter Against
Ex Out
Hyper Excessive
Hypo Under, Less
Inter Between
Intro, Intra Within
Mis Wrong
Multi Many
Peri Around
Post After
Pre Before
Re Again
Retro Back
Sub Under
Super Above
Syn, Sym Together
Tele Far
Trans Across
Uni One
Mono One
Bi Two
Tri Three
Quadr Four
Quint Five
Penta Five
Hex Six
Oct Eight
Dec Ten
Cent Hundred
Kilo Thousand
Semi Half
Un Not
In Not
Im Not
Il Not
Ir Not
A Not
Dis Not
Am,Amat Love
Ann,Enn Year
Aqu Water
Astr Star
Aud, Audit Hear
Auto Self
Bibli/o Book
bio Life
Capit Head
Chron Time
Cred, Credit Believe, Trust
Cycle Circle, Wheel
Dem People
Derm Skin
Dict Say
Dyn Power
Fid Faith
Frater Brother
Gram, Graph Write
Greg Flock
Hetero Other
Homo Same
Hydr Water
Loc Place
Log Word, Study
Mal Bad
Man Hand
Mater, Matr Mother
Metr, Meter Measure
Mit, Miss Send
Mor, Mort Death
Mov, Mot, Mob Move
Pater, Patr Father
Ped Foot
Phil Loving
Phon Sound
Prim First
Psych Mind
Pyr Fire
Reg Rule
Rupt Break
Scrib, Script Write
Seg, Sect Cut
Sol Alone
Soph Wisdom
Spect Look
Tard Late
Tempor Time
The God
Therm Heat
Tract Pull
Turb Whirl, Agitate
Urb City
Vac Empty
Vers, Vert Turn
Vid, Vis See
Vit, Viv Life
Voc, Vocat Call
Xeno Stranger
Zoo Animal
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