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Logic Reasoning 8


causality occurs when one event is said to make another occur
_____ must happen before _____ cause, effect
cause _______ effect happen MAKES
causality indicator caused by
causality indicator because of
causality indicator responsible for
causality indicator leads to
causality indicator reason for
causality indicator induced by
causality indicator promoted by
causality indicator determined by
causality indicator produced by
causality indicator product of
causality indicator played a role in
causality indicator was a factor in
causality indicator is an effect of
3 differences between causality & conditionality 1) chronology of events, 2) connection between events, 3) language
#1 chronology of events cause has to be before effect; sufficient and necessary conditions can happen in any order
#2 connection between events direct relationship in cause and effect; doesn't have to be related, just indicated it must occur in conditionality
#3 language in cause and effect use active and powerful words; conditional indicators don't
if causal statement is a conclusion then the reasoning is ______ flawed
know _______ causal assertion is made WHERE
error of causality one event occurs before the other doesn't have to mean it caused it
error of causality two or more events occur at the same time doesn't have to mean causality
in a LSAT causal statement, that is the _____ possible cause of the effect ONLY
attack a causal conclusion by finding an alternate cause for the stated effect
attack a causal conclusion by showing cause doesn't make effect occur
attack a causal conclusion by showing effect occurs and cause doesn't
attack a causal conclusion by showing stated relationship is reversed
attack a causal conclusion by showing statistical problem exists
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