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Cranial Nerves Neuro

cranial nerves and what they do

Nerve I Olfactory. Sensory. Smell.
Nerve II Optic. Sensory. Vision.
Nerve III Oculomotor. Motor. Eyelid movement, iris and lens movement, eye movement - up, down, medial
Nerve IV Trochlear. Motor. Eye movement - medial & downward
Nerve V Trigeminal. Both. Face/mouth sensation, muscles of mastication (chewing)
Nerve VI Abducens.Motor. Eye movement - lateral (abduction)
Nerve VII Facial. Both. Facial expression, secretion of tears and saliva, taste
Nerve VIII Vestibulocochlear. Sensory. Hearing, equilibrium sensation
Nerve IX Glossopharyngeal. Both. Taste, blood pressure
Nerve X Vagus. Both. Taste, blood pressure, heart rate, digestive stimulation
Nerve XI Accessory. Motor. Trapezius and SCM, swallowing
Nerve XII Hypoglossal. Motor. Tongue movement
Acronym for cranial nerves in order of I to XII On Old Olympus' Towering Tops A Friendly Viking Gulps Vodka And Hops OR Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet Ah Heaven
Acronym for cranial nerves with sensory, motor or both in order of I to XII Some Say Marry Money, But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter Most
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