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3과 문법(수동구문)

change to passiv sentense

You gave your children piggy banks. Your children were given piggy banks by you.
You will give your children piggy banks. Your children will be given piggy banks by you.
Kevin will teach Sujin English. Sujin will be taught English by Kevin.
Yujin will open the door. The door will be opened by Yujin.
Volunteers are going to clean the park. The park is going to be cleaned by volunteers.
You will invite Kevin to the picnic. Kevin will be invited to the picnic (by you).
We should teach children to read good books. Children should be taught to read books.
We have to clean these rooms by next Thursday. These rooms have to be cleaned by next Thursday.
그 차는 빨리 세차되어야 한다. The car should be washed soon.
그 일은 내일까지 끝날 수 있다. The work can be done by tomorrow.
휴대전화는 꺼져야 한다. Cellphones must be turned off.
Kevin will clean the table. The table will be cleaned by Kevin.
Mom will make vegetable soup. Vegetable soup will be made by mom.
Mike has to paint the door. The door has to be painted by Mike.
그건 수리되어야 할 것 같아. I think it should be fixed.
그건 더 작은 조각으로 잘라져야 해. It has to be cut into a samller piece.
강은 지금 당장 청소되어야 해. The river should be cleaned right away.
Created by: Yangeon Choi Yangeon Choi on 2013-05-13

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