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World Geo Review #2

Reporting Category 2: Geography

Kithosphere made up of crust and upper mantle
Tectonic Plates the movement of tectonic plates that can create mountain , rift valleys, and earthquakes
Earthquakes caused by movement of tectonic plates
Erosion when rock, soil, and sand are broken down and carried away
Landforms refers to natural features of the landscape such as Mountains, valleys, hills, and plains
Soilbuilding the processes such as weahering, erosion, or deposits that affect the quality of the soil
Hydrosphere The part of the Earth that is covered in water
Ocean currents the movement of the ocean that affects climate in different regions of the world
Water Cycle the processby which water on eaths surface moves from evaporation, to condensation, to precipitation
Precipitation where water returns to the ocean and land through rain
Tsunamis whan an earth quake occurs under or near the ocean and creates a massive wave
Monsoons seasonal winds most often associated with South Asia
Floods usually indicate a temporary covering of land that is not normally covered by water
Tides created by the relationship between the Earth and the sun
Atmosphere (Air) weather and climate
Earth/Sun Relationship the tilt of the Earth causes arts of the Earth to receive more or less sunlight throughout the year causing seasons
El Nino increased rainfall across the southern tier of the U.S. and Peru, which has caused major flooding
Biosphere refers to the life on Earth such as he climates and plants ad animals in a region
Desertifiction The expansion of desert-like conditions to areas of arable land EX: area around the Sahara
Created by: ZebraQueen12