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World Geo Review #4

Reporting Category 4: Culture

Culture Elements include language , religion, institutions, and beliefs,,and customs on people's way of life
Customs things that people usually do EX: how they act, what they eat and wear
Institution organizations developed by each society that help make social roles clear EX: schools, families, and governments
Urban having to do with cities
Rural having to do with the countryside and non-city areas
Genocide the deliberate killing of a group
Terrorism the calculated use of violence against citizens in order to achieve a goal
Traditional Economy economic systems in societies that are primarily subsistence agriculture
Cultural Convergence the tendency for cultures to become more alike as they share technology and structures in a modern world
Cultural Divergence the tendencies for cultures to become increasingly dissimilar with the passage of time
Multicultural Societies a society where there is an acceptance and appreciation of many different cultures
Created by: ZebraQueen12