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World Geo Review #3

Reporting Category 3: Economics

GDP per capita the value of goods and services produced in a year in a nation
Life expectancy the average number of years a person is expected live
Literacy rate the percentage of people who can read and write in a country
Infant Morality the number of infants who die out of every 1000 born
LDC any country that has not experienced a industrial revolution
NIC economy is still focused on manufacturing
MDC economy id focused on service industries with a well defined support infrastructure
Urbanization refers to the growth of cities as more people leave rural areas toward the cities
Push Factors factors that cause a person to want to leave its country EX: war, persecution, famine
Pull Factors factors that cause a person to want to move to a country EX: jobs, freedom, rights
HDI refers to the level of development of a country
Globalization the increased relationships of individuals, culture, and economic activity around the world
Standard of Living refers to the level of wealth, materiel goods, and services that are available to people or nations
Pandemics a epidemic-like disease that affects a large amount of people
Sustainable Development refers to using resources in ay that benefits today's need as well as future needs
Renewable Resources resources that can be remade in a persons lifetime EX: planting new trees once old ones are chopped
Non-Renuable Resources resources that can not be renewed in a persons lifetime EX: coal, natural gas, oil
Region a area of Earth's surface with similar characteristics that could be either physical or human
Formal Region how an area actually is EX: Latin America and Europe
Perceptual Region how people perceive a region to be EX: Midwest in the U.S.
Functional Region how an area functions and interacts with other areas EX: Dallas/Fort Worth relationship
Created by: ZebraQueen12