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SS Chap 12 & 13-Loga

SS Chap 12 & 13-Logan

What is the imaginary line on the Rocky Mountains that divides the North American continent called? The Continental Divide
Name one Native American tribe found in the west. The Tlingit
Who was the first European to see the west coast of the U.S.? Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo
What do you call molten rock found under ground? magma
What do you call a town that becomes deserted after the minerals run out? A ghost town
The_________is a cold, flat place where no trees grow. tundra
A________ ___________happened when many people began moving to California to find gold. gold rush
What is a carved pole detailing the history of a family called? a totem pole
The________ ___________are the largest mountain system in North America. Rocky Mountains
Who created a wild west show to entertain people? Buffalo Bill Cody
Record high temperatures have been recorded in the_________ ____________area of California. Death Valley
The most famous geyser at Yellowstone National Park is___________ ___________. Old Faithful
What are the two parts of the west region called? 1) Pacific 2) Mountain
Many movies are made in California because the weather is_________and_____________. warm and pleasant
Three states Yellowstone Park can be found in are: 1) Idaho 2) Wyoming 3) Montana
The lines on a globe that run north and south are called lines of____________. longitude
The replanting of trees after they have been cut down is called_______________. reforesting
____________describes temperatures that are very cold. Frigid
A___________is a large party held to celebrate important life events. potlatch
___________ ___________created durable canvas pants for gold miners to wear. Levi Strauss
Who was the first person to find gold in California? James Marshall
The oldest national park in the world is_______________. Yellowstone
The wettest place on Earth is_______ ________, in Hawaii. Mount Waialeale
What are two names for the highest mountain peak in North America? Mt. McKinley and Denali
Before the west became part of the U.S. it was claimed by which three countries? Russia, Britain, and Spain
__________and___________were the last two states to become part of the U.S. Hawaii and Alaska
Lines on a globe that run east and west are called lines of_______________. latitude
A mountain with an opening to vent ash, gas, and lava is called a_____________. volcano
A_________is a spring that shoots out hot water. geyser
_________is molten rock forced above ground. Lava
A line of elevation on a mountain where trees no longer grow is called the_____________. timberline
A glass building where plants are grown to protect them from harsh weather is called a______________. greenhouse
A town that popped up after a valuable mineral was found was called a_________ _________. boom town