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BMMS Rome Ch. 15

BMMS Ch. 15 Rome

mercenary a soldier who is hired to fight for an army
Diocletian Roman emperor in A.D. 284 He permanently placed troops at the borders, He kept prices low on bread to feed the poor.
absolute ruler one who has total power
barbarian someone considered to be uncivilized and primitive
nomad a member of a group that moves from place to place
plunder to take possessions by force
Byzantine Empire the Eastern Roman Empire, which lasted 1000 years after the collapse of the west
Justinian a Byzantine emperor who recovered lost territories
Justinian Code a legal code based on older Roman laws created at the order of Justinian
Roman Catholic Church the Christian church based in Rome and led by the pope
Eastern Orthodox Church the Christian church that developed in the Byzantine Empire
orthodox holding established beliefs
mosaic a picture made from tiny pieces of colored stone or other materials
bas-relief a type of sculpture in which slightly raised figures stand out against a flat background
epic a long poem about a hero
oratory the art of public speaking
vault an arch that forms a ceiling of a roof
Atilla the Hun the general that united the Huns and destroyed much of Rome
Huns a nomadic tribe from central Asia, who drove Germanic tribes into Rome
Britannia the Roman province of Britain, today's England; first conquered by the emperor Claudius in 43 A.D. and abandoned in 410 A.D.
civilized polite and well-mannered, taken from the Roman word "civitas" meaning the citizens of Rome.
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