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SS Chap. 10 & 11-Log

SS Chap. 10 & 11-Logan

Land that was given to settlers by the government to raise crops and cattle was called a_________________. homestead
______________are pipes that are used to carry water to fields. Aqueducts
A___________is a type of grassland found in the southwest. savanna
An__________climate is a dry climate. arid
A factory where oil is processed and broken down is called a______________. refinery
Many ranchers drove their cattle to places like_______________to ship their meat to packing plants. Kansas
What are two things settlers in the southwest used their cattle for? meat, hides for leather, hooves for buttons, tallow for soap and candles
Two people famous for showing their wild west skills were: Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane
Many ranchers drove their cattle along trails like the_______________in order to get them to trains. Chisholm Trail
________is a mud brick that many in the southwest used to build houses. Adobe
Self-sustaining places where missionaries lived, worked, and worshiped were___________. missions
________________was one famous mission found in the southwest. Mission San Jose
The________________stretches across Arizona and New Mexico. It is home to different wildlife and cacti. Sonoran Desert
__________played a part in forming the Grand Canyon. Erosion
Spanish cowboys were called______________. vaqueros
A type of cactus that is found in the southwest and takes many years to grow is the_________. saquaro
_____________made the Grand Canyon a national park in 1919. Theodore Roosevelt
One Native American tribe that lived in and around the Grand Canyon for a long time were the___________. Anasazi
The_____________helped to dissolve the rock of the Grand Canyon. Colorado River
_____________is used to keep air cool in buildings. Air conditioning
__________are log, soil, and mud homes made by the Navajo. Hogans
A_________was a governor. viceroy
The largest Native American tribe in the southwest is the_____________. Navajo
In 1540___________searched the southwest for gold but was unsuccessful in finding any. Coronado
_____________are people who are sent into the world to spread religious beliefs. Missionaries
In 1869___________explored the Grand Canyon and drew a lot of interest in it. John Wesley Powell
________is a nonrenewable natural resource important to the southwest. Oil
The journey the Navajo were forced to take was called______________. The Long Walk
Created by: Mrs. Logan