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Eurasia/North Africa

Chrysalis World Geography - Jeopardy clues/?'s for Eurasia & the Middle East

At about this time, the Hebrew king, David, reunited his people and set out to defeat the Canaanites. When is 1000 BC?
These herders use camels, along with sheep, goats, and yaks, to supply all their needs. Who are the Kirghiz?
A series of civilizations lived in the fertile valley between these 2 rivers. What are the Tigris & Euphrates rivers?
Russia is the world's largest producer of these two minerals. What are chromium and manganese?
This dune covered desert is known as the black sand desert and occupies most of Turkmenistan. What is the Kara Kum?
This dune covered desert, known as the red sand desert, occupies most of Uzbekistan. What is the Kyzylkum?
This subarctic climate region, that begins where the tundra ends, is a vast woodland with reasonably warm summers. What is the taiga?
No matter the season, the Kirghiz delight in this common beverage - the only thing they use salt in. What is tea?
Because of the bitter winter temperatures in this Siberian city, it is referred to as the "Cold Pole of the World." What is Verkhoyansk?
This republic has rich, black topsoil (called chernozem) which makes it an excellent area for growing food crops. What is Ukraine?
In most of the Eurasian republics, these two major climates are most typical. What are humid continental and subarctic?
Most of Kyrgyzstan is covered by this towering mountain range, also known as "the heavenly mountains." What are the Tian Shan?
These humped-back animals, along with two other nomadic herd animals, are supported by the vegetation of the Kara Kum. What are camels, sheep, and goats?
This warm water sea provides the coast of the Eurasian republic, Georgia, with a humid subtropical climate. What is the Black Sea?
The world's largest inland body of water, this sea is really a saltwater lake. What is the Caspian Sea?
The wool of these animals is so valuable that many will steal it by the handful. What are camels?
This field of the West Siberian Plain produces more oil in a day than any country except the US and Saudi Arabia. What is the Tyumen?
Once known as the Khanate of Persia, this country of the Middle East has struggled with violent conflicts. What is Iran?
David, the Hebrew king, chose this city as the capital. What is Jerusalem?
In desert areas, vegetation is rare - in most cases nonexistent - except in these spots. (Note: use the plural form -es, not -is) What are oases?
This peninsula, the largest in the region, was a large portion of the ancient Persian Empire. What is the Arabian Peninsula?
This 4,160 mile long river has alluvial soil and is the longest river in the world. What is the Nile River?
In the steppe climates, the raising and raising and grazing of livestock is the most common economic activity. What is pastoralism?
These fertile plains are found along the Mediterranean coasts of North Africa and the Middle East. What are coastal plains?
The center of economic life for almost 3/4 of the people of Russia and the Eurasian republics, this plain connects Europe to the wilderness of Siberia. What is the North European Plain?
These vast treeless plains dominate the landscape in the far north of Russia and the Eurasian republics. What are steppes?
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