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2nd semester words

Ms.Melvin's 2nd semester sat words

Adroit skillful in physical activity, or in handling difficult situations
Advocate support; plead for; speak on behalf of
Appease to calm; pacify
Banal boring; trite; insipid
Blight decay; disease; widespread death.
Capacious large; roomy; spacious
Conundrum riddle; mystery
Deference the act of yielding to someone else out of respect
Converge move together to meet at a common point
Efficacy the ability to produce desired results
Elated extremely happy; overjoyed
Ephemeral temporary; short-lived
Foment to stir into action; rouse; incite
Foresight the ability to see ahead, anticipate, or predict
Genial friendly; gracious; kind
Harbor to provide shelter or refuge; hide
Hardy bold; brave; capable of withstanding harsh conditions
Incessant continuous, endless
Irascible easily angered
Irony an unexpected outcome or the use of a word that is the opposite of its literal meaning.
Latent existing but inactive, such as a certain quality; dormant
Malleable able to be reshaped by force; pliable; impressionable
Mitigate make less severe; mollify
Opportunist someone who takes advantage of the situation
Pecuniary having to do with money; financial
Prodigal wasteful, especially of money; extravagant
Quarantine forced isolation to prevent the spread of disease
Seditious trying to stir up a revolt against an authority figure
Tenacious strong; persistent; determined to hold on
Vestige something left behind; a visible trace or evidence of something that has vanished
Wizened old and wrinkled; withered
Ameliorate to make an unpleasant situation better; to improve.
Assiduous persistent; hard-working; diligent; attentive to detail
Auspicious taking place under promising conditions; likely to succeed
Candor honesty; frankness
Chasten punish; discipline; castigate
Clemency mercy
Criteria requirements or standards used to make a decision
Disperse spread out; scatter
Diatribe a bitterly critical speech
Enmity mutual hatred
Extraneous unnecessary; irrelevant
Exuberant uncontrollably joyous
Garner collect; gather; accumulate; earn
Hamper interfere with movement or progress
Haphazard without plan or action
Impasse a situation from which you cannot escape; stalemate
Inert lacking movement; inactive; sluggish
Infamy a bad reputation; notoriety
Jargon specialized language used by a particular group
Ludicrous absurd; ridiculous
Lugubrious mournful
Mollify lessen anger; soothe; placate
Optimist someone who always believes things will turn out okay
Paucity too few; scarcity
Profound penetrating beyond the superficial; filled with wisdom and insight; deep
Recluse person who prefers to be alone all the time; someone withdrawn from the rest of society
Recondite hidden; difficult to understand; profound
Usury the practice of charging a very high rate of interest on loans
Virulent poisonous or destructive; filled with anger or hate; harsh
Wane grow gradually smaller
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