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Advice, Starbucks, Arabs, Business

chain (n) a number of similar shops, restaurants, etc owned by the same company; a line of metal rings connected together
extra (n, adj, adv) something you can if you pay a little more money; more; added to what is normal money; more
branch (n) one of several shops, offices, etc that are part of a company or organization; to divide into two
message (v,n) to send someone an SMS; the most important idea in a book, film, or play
competition (n) when someone is trying to win something
card (n) a rectangular piece of paper or plastic with a photograph and/or information
hate (v,n) to dislike something or someone very much; an extremely strong dislike
customer (n) a person who buys goods or services
absence (n() a time when you are not in a particular place
pupil (n) a student at school
mistake (n) something that you do or think which is wrong
advice (n) suggestions about what you think someone should do or how they should do something
rarely (adv) not often
review (v) to study something again (before you take a test)
afraid (adj) worried that something bad might happen
pair (n) two people who are doing something together; two of something
correct (adj) suitable (good) for a particular situation; right
key (adj) very important (in influencing or achieving something
afford to be able to buy or do something because you have enough money or time
apart (adj) separated by a distance or, less commonly, by time
attract (v) to pull or draw someone or something towards them, by the qualities they have, especially good ones
attraction (n) something which makes people want to go to a place or do a particular thing
attractive (adj) very pleasing in appearance or sound, or causing interest or pleasure
cup (n) a small round container, often with a handle, used for drinking tea, coffee, etc.; trophy
fan (n) someone who admires and supports a person, sport, sports team, etc.
guide (n, v) a person whose job is showing a place or a particular route to visitors, to show someone how to do something difficult
guidance (n) to help and advise about how to do something or about how to deal with problems connected with your work, education, or personal relationships
jump (v) to push yourself suddenly off the ground and into the air using your legs; to increase suddenly by a large amount
mix (n,v) to combine, so that the result cannot easily be separated into its parts; a combination
mixed (adj) showing different feelings or opinions
deliver to take goods, ketters, parcels, etc. to people's places of work
northern in or from the northern part of an area
completion when something that you are doing or making is finished
introduction the action of telling another person's name the first time they meet
satisfactory good or good enough
proposal a written suggestion
prefer to like, choose, or want one thing more than another
formal official, serious
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