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a national chain engages in centralized buying in order to save money and present a unified image to its costomers. true
extra dating is used to encourage a buyer to purchase new merchandise true
although a purchasing manager carries out the specifies of the master production schedule, other people create that schedule without the manager's input false
retailers often demand that products have a universal product code because the codes save the retailers time true
advance dating means that a manufacturer and a purchasing agent will arrange the merchandise shipping date in advance of the time when the merchandise is needed false
materials requirement planning is part of what overall business activity production planning
regularly ordering staple goods from a familiar vendor is what type of purchasing situation straight-rebuy
on what figure are all other sales projection figures in a merchandise plan based planned sales
pet world wants to reduce its planned reductions by 7% from last year's figure of $850. Therefore, what would be pet world's planned reduction amount for this year $790.50
arabesque Dancewear store had $67,500 in sales during january and it's BOM stock inventory was $135,000 what was its stock to sales ratio 2
the BOM stock figure for april is the EOM stock figure is march
party town's planned EOM stock figure is $6,000, its planned sales are $4,500, its BOM stock figure is $5,500 and its planned reductions are $350. the amount of party town's planned purchases is $5,350
factories in which employees are badly treated and working conditions are very poor and referred to as sweatshops
cindy purchases swimsuits for the surfs up beachware chain of 5 stores. because cindy purchaese merchandise for a retail operation, her correct job title is buyer retail byer
sato makes the purchases for a health food store. during the next 3 months, sato plans to purchase $9,500 in merchandise. he has already recieved $2,200 in vitamins and natural foods. another $1,650 and merchandise has been ordered. sato's OTB is $5,650
jovanna went to her local drug store hoping to purchase lightly lively shampoo. the store does not currently stock that item, but the salesperson did prepare a(n) ------------ slip indicating her request want
last january's sales at grandma's house candy store were $45,000, and the BOM stock was $135,000. this january's plan sales are $50,000; the store wants to keep the same stock-to-sales ratio as last january. this january's BOM stock figure will be $150,000
subzero refrigerator manufactures has posted on the internet their desire for custom shelves. several suppliers have bid for the contract. this method of internet purchasing is called -------- auctions reverse
be sharp music store has planned sales for october of %13,000. it stocks to sales ratio is 2.5. its BOM stock figure for october should be $32,500
purchase goods for business purposes organizational buying
the amount of inventory a store has at month's end EOM stock figure
any reductions from quoted price discounts
a system that helps suppliers provide goods exactly when needed just-in-time
retail decisions are made at lower levels of organization decentralized buying
goods are paid for only after the final customer purchases them consignment buying
procures goods used in service and manufacturing businesses purchasing manager
loss of merchandise and revenue due to discounts or theft planned reduction
suppliers takes back any unsold goods by pre-established date memorandum buying
requires a buyer to do research and some limited decision- making modified rebuy
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