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The physical outline of a display SHAPE
A spot to which the eye is drawn FOCAL POINT
a display case, counter, or bench FIXTURE
the relationship between and among objects in an arrangement PROPORTION
An artistic arrangement that uses fixtures and props to showcase merchandise INTERIOR DISPLAY
a background arrangement SETTING
found on opposite sides of a color wheel, they create contrast COMPLEMENTARY COLORS
The combination of entranceways, window awnings, and other exterior buildings characteristics STOREFRONT
the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product DISPLAY
the sign stating a business' name MARQUEE
___________Is an artistic display element that is very popular for the holiday and children's merchandise displays, but can become distracting if overdone motion
The primary purpose of visual merchandising is to coordinate all of a business's physical element in order to project a particular_____________ of the business to its customers imigine
Dusting and cleaning are an essential part of display________________because those activities keep displays looking attractive to potential customers maintanance
For a floral display, Ellen put 2 pots of dafodills on each side of the table. In the middle of the table of the table, she put a tall vase of sunflowers. Then she scattered rose petals over the remaining table space. The type pf balance achieved in Ellen formal
A(n)__________ is good geometric shape for a display because it creates a focal point and keeps the customer's eye moving up and center triangle
Colors that are next to each other in the color wheel such as green, yellow-green, and yellow are known as______________colors adjacent
The 2 most important characteristics of entrances are their abilities to promote customer convenience and to assist in store_______________ security
A(n) ____________________setting does not imitate reality abstract
_______________space is store space that is devoted to restrooms, dressing rooms, phone booths, and drinking fountains customer
According to the textbook, what is one visual merchandising element that influences customer behavior more directly than any other? b. The width of the store's aisles
Stoere sporting goodd alwasys has a display with mannequins engaged in season-appropriate sports. The uses many props to make customers feel if they can join the fun going on the fun going on in the display. How would you disctibe the settig for such disp d
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