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When was basketball invented? 1891
Who invented basketball? Dr. James Naismith
The inventor of basketball was an instructor at the______________. YMCA Training School in Springfield, MA
What are the roles of the players on the team? A center, 2 guards, 2 forwards
The tallest players are called the _________ players. post
The tallest players are the _________ and ________________. center forwards
The center and forwards play ______to the basket. closest
The center and forwards are responsible for_________and__________ _____________. rebounding and close-range shooting
The ________do the most dribbling. guards
The guards play________from the basket farthest
The guards advance the ball up the court by_________ and___________. dribbling passing
Which player sets up a team's offensive pattern like a quarterback in football? the point guard
True or False There can be 7 players from each team on the court at a time. False, there can only be 5
How many points are scored from the court? 2
How many points can each successful free throw earn? 1
A__________is an infraction of a rule for which the ball is put into play from out of bounds. violation
What 3 things count as violations? 1) Double dribbling 2) Traveling 3) Taking more than 5 seconds for a throw-in
_________ _________are violations involving contact with an opponent. personal fouls
Some examples of personal fouls include: holding, pushing, tripping, charging, rough play, contact with shooting player
If a player fouled while shooting MISSES the shot they are awarded: 2 free throws 3 if beyond the 3 point line
If a player fouled while shooting MAKES the shot they are awarded: 1 free throw
If the offensive team commits the foul, the_______team gets possession of the ball. defensive
A pass in which a person has 2 hands on the ball and passes from chest level to a teammate with the ball touching the ground Bounce pass
Contact resulting from an offensive player with the ball moving into an opponent whose position or path is already established charge
A pass made from chest level to another at chest level without the ball touching the ground. chest pass
A violation in which a player is dribbling the ball with 2 hands at the same time. double dribble
A penalty shot awarded to a player when the opposition committed a foul. free throw
How long does a shooter have to take a free throw shot? 10 seconds
A type of defense in which each player has an assigned opponent with whom to guard. man to man defense
Moving one foot in any direction while the other foot stays planted in only one spot without moving while you are in possession of the ball. pivot
Taking one or more steps while in possession of the ball without a dribble. traveling
Breaking of the rules for which an out-of-bounds award is given to the opposing team. violation
A type of defense in which players are responsible for guarding areas of the court rather than an individual. zone defense