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Which president began funding for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka. “Star Wars”? Ronald Reagan
Which president urged Americans to “Whip Inflation Now”? Gerald Ford
Which president pardoned Pres. Nixon of any crimes he may have committed in the Watergate Scandal? Gerald Ford
Which president helped negotiate the Camp David Accords peace treaty between Egypt and Israel? James Carter
The Iran hostage crisis contributed to what president not being reelected? James Carter
Which president said that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”? Ronald Reagan
Which president boycotted 1980 Olympics & put grain embargo against U.S.S.R. for invading Afghanistan? James Carter
Which president initiated deregulation? Ronald Reagan
Prime Minister of Israel who signed the Camp David Accords Menachem Begin
President of Egypt who signed the Camp David Accords Anwar Sadat
Last Soviet leader. Signed I.N.F. Treaty with Reagan Mikhail Gorbachev
Leader of the Islamic revolution that overthrew the Shah of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini
First female vice presidential candidate of a major pol. party Geraldine Ferraro
First female Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
Televangelist co-founder of the Moral Majority Jerry Falwell
Involved in the Iran-Contra Scandal Oliver North
Wrote Bonfire of the Vanities. Called 1970s the “Me Decade” Tom Wolfe
A slow down of the economy with rising prices is called Stagflation
Political scandal associated with the Reagan administration Iran-Contra Scandal
O.P.E.C. is a(n) Cartel
These people represented the materialism of 1980s culture Yuppies
Environmentalists were unhappy with this Sec. of Interior James Watt
Movement in California to lower property taxes Proposition 13
Proper term for “trickle down” economics Supply-side Economics
First Lady behind the “Just Say No” anti-drug program Nancy Reagan
Founder of Apple Computer Co. Steve Jobs
Do Conservatives or Liberals favor tax cuts? Conservatives
Do Conservatives or Liberals support social welfare programs? Liberals
Do Conservatives or Liberals favor less government regulations on business? Conservatives
Do Conservatives or Liberals support strong environmental protections? Liberals
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