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What should you do if the person is alert? Ask questions to determine what is wrong and what happened.
What does AVPU stand for? A-Alert V-Verbal P-Pain U-unresponsive.
what are 3 ways to apply pain? sternum rub,earlobe pinch, and nail-bed pinch.
What should you check for if they are unresponsive? ABCs
What are the ABCs? Airway, Breathing, Circulation
How should you open their airway? one hand on forehead, 2 fingers under chin, and lift up on the chin and tilt head back.
How do you check for breathing? put your ear up to their mouth to listen and feel,look for beathing/watch their chest.
what is the agonal breath? the boyd's attempt (usually last attempt) to take in air, a sign of death.
What are you supposed to do for circulation? check for pulse.
What should you do if you find an unconcious person face down? roll them face up in order to check their ABCs
How many sections is the spine divided into? 4 then the tailbone
What is the number one cause for spinal injury? car wrecks
If they vomit what position should you put them in? recovery position
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