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Latin AmericaGeoRev

chapter 9

mountain range in South America spanning the western coast Andes Mountains
major river that flows out into the sea in Uraguay Rio Parana
mountain range in Mexico spanning the central region Sierra Madre Oriental
mountain range in Mexico spanning the western coast Sierra Madre Occidental
man-made waterway that allows for travel and trade between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Panama Canal
major river system in South America that is home to the largest rainforest in the world Amazon River
major river in South America that spreads across Guyana and Suriname Orinoco River
dry cold land region in southern Argentina Patagonia
islands in the eastern Pacific where Charles Darwin conducted research leading to his theory of evolution Galapagos Islands
landlocked countries in South America Bolivia and Paraguay
vast plains in Colombia and Venezuela llanos
plains in the interior of Brazil with moderate rain for farming Cerrado
grassy plains with rich soil in Argentina and Uraguay Pampas
2 types of climate found in Tropical Climate Zones rainforests and savannas
vertical climate zone where llamas and sheep live and is the lower boundary of snow-covered areas Tierra Helada
vertical climate zone where rice,bannas and sugar cane are grown; where swamps are located Tierra Caliente
vertical climate zone where cotton is grown; wet forests are found Tierra Templada
climate type where deserts are found in Mexico and Argentina Semiarid zone
climate zone similar to California where hot dry summers and cool moist winters are common Mediterranean Zone
climate zone similar to Oregon where summers are mild and rainy; found in southern Chile Marine West coast zone
desert in northern Chile Atacama Desert
climate zones found in the mountains of Mexico and South America which range from mild to cold depending on elevation Highland zone
most populous country in Latin America Brazil
country with the highest infant mortality rate Haiti
country with the most doctors per population Cuba
the only Latin American country with a life expectancy longer than the United States Dominica
major resources found in the Amazon region timber and gold
major source of electricity in Brazil, Argentina, and Uraguay hydroelectric power
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