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Which series of stainless steel is used to manufacture malleable retractors? 300
Which of the following would be used to hold back tissue or organs? Retractor
The weakest part of the instrument is/are the: Box lock
What is the most difficult part of a hemostat to clean? Box lock
What is the final stage in manufacturing a surgical grade instrument? Passivation
Scissors with black handles are often referred to as: Super sharps
The layer on a surgical instrument created by the passivation process is called: Chromium oxide
How is an instrument with tungsten carbide inserts identified? Gold handles
What type of finish on a surgical instrument is used for laser procedures? Ebonized
Which of the following lubricants is recommended for use on surgical instruments? Water-based
The chromium oxide layer is intended to make an instrument: Resistant to corrosion
Which of the following is not part of routine inspection of instruments? Vendor identification number
Unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer, an instrument should be lubricated: Every time it is used
When testing a scissor for sharpness, it is important to: Make several cuts in the testing material
When the jaws of a stainless steel needle holder becomes worn, the needle holder must be: Discarded
A crack in a hand-held instrument would most likely be found in the: Box lock
Cracked insulation on a laparoscopic instrument can cause: Electrical shock
Power equipment should be lubricated; According to manufacturer’s instructions
When labeling a rigid scope for sterilization, which of the following information is not required? Surgeon’s name
Black dots in a fiber optic light cable indicate: There is damage to the glass rods
Which of the following is not a method for checking the visual clarity of a rigid endoscope? Using a leak tester
When marking and identifying instruments, which of the following should never be used? Color-bonded handles
The air flow in the preparation and packaging area must be maintained at: Positive pressure
The preparation and packaging area must have an air exchange rate of: 4 per hour
What is the acceptable temperature range for the prep and packaging area? 70 deg F – 75 deg F (21 – 24 deg C)
The ideal humidity level in the prep and pack area should be: 40%
If a non-perforated tray is used for the sterilization of instrument sets, it must be: Tilted on the sterilizer rack
The floors in the preparation area should be: Wet-mopped daily
Where should the heavier instruments be placed when assembling a set containing heavy and delicate instruments? On the right hand side
Which of the following can be done to aid in the drying of wrapped instrument sets? Place a towel in the bottom of the tray
Which of the following should be used to write on the count sheets and tray lists? Permanent, nontoxic ink
Where should the chemical indicator be placed in a wrapped set of instruments? The center of the set
Multi-layer container systems should have chemical indicators placed in: Each level
What is the maximum size and weight of a textile pack? 12” x 12” x 20”, 12 pounds
Basin sets must be prepared for sterilization with: An absorbent material between each basin
Which of the following is not one of the basic principles of packaging? The material must be acceptable for all types of sterilization
Sterilant penetration can be inhibited by using: A wrapper that is too large
Approximately how much space should be left between an item and the inside edges of a peel pouch? 1”
Which of the following packaging materials is acceptable for steam sterilization? Nonwoven wraps
Which of the following packaging materials is acceptable for low-temperature gas plasma and ozone sterilization? Tyvek
Tamper-evident seals on rigid containers include: Latches and locks
When rigid containers are processed in a steam sterilizer, they must be placed: Flat on the cart during sterilization
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