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Which of the following is not an element of a distribution system? Purchasing
Which area is the first to accept responsibility for all supplies in the facility? Receiving
Supplies should never be stored: On the floor
Which of the following is not a necessary requirement of a requisition? It must have the facility’s phone number
Transportation carts should be cleaned at least: Daily
Which distribution system requires the using department to be responsible for maintaining inventory levels? Demand distribution
Par levels should be based on: Actual use
Demand distribution systems are: Labor intensive
Which type of inventory distribution system requires the use of a predetermined inventory list? Par level
A simple but labor-intensive system is the: Demand
The most efficient distribution system is the: Total exchange cart
The computerized locked supply system is a variation of the: Par level system
Which of the following is not considered a specialty cart? Exchange
An effective case cart system requires: Good communication
Just-in-time distribution systems are also known as: Stockless distribution systems
The inventory of medical and surgical supplies can represent up to what percentage of a facility’s operating budget? 40%
An ongoing inventory management system is known as: Perpetual inventory system
The reorder point is the: Lowest amount of stock
Ordering the optimum quantity of an item based on historical data is known as: Economical order quantity
Bar-coding of instrument sets is an integral part of: Tracking systems
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