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CS/SPD Chapter 9

Sterile Storage

Sterile items that are protected from the environment have been proven to remain sterile: Indefinitely
The period of time during which a sterile item is considered safe to use is known as: Product stability
Which of the following factors is a reason for assigning an expiration date to a product? Package degradation
A package must be visually inspected for integrity: Every time it is handled
The best way to protect an infrequently used sterile item is to: Place it in a sterility maintenance cover
How thick should a sterility maintenance cover be? 2 to 3 mils
What should be done if a sterile basin set is dropped on the floor? Send it to be reprocessed
The sterile storage area should be located: Adjacent to the sterilization area
Humidity can be measured in the sterile storage area by using a: Hygrometer
The number of air exchanges per hour in the sterile storage areas should be at least: 4
The sterile storage area should be maintained at: Positive pressure
All supplies in sterile storage must be how many inches from the floor? 8 to 10
The relative humidity in the sterile storage area should not exceed: 70%
The temperature in the sterile storage area should not exceed: 75 deg F (24 deg C)
It is important to control the humidity in the sterile storage area in order to prevent: The growth of microorganisms
The bottom shelf of storage carts should be: Solid
Sterile items stored on the top shelf must be how far from the fire sprinkler head? 18 inches
Shelving in the sterile storage area must be how far from the outside walls? 2 inches
Shipping cartons are not acceptable storage containers in the sterile storage area because they: Harbor soil
Rotating stock to ensure using the oldest supplies first is known as: FIFO
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