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Unit VI Review B

Unit VI Review : 1930s Great Depression & New Deal

Decade of the Great Depression 1930
President at the start of the Great Depression; government should be hands of Hoover
President who advocated the New Deal; active role for government FDR (Franklin Delanor Roosevelt)
This brought an end to the Great Depression WWII
Branch of government strongest during Great Depression Executive
First female cabinet member Frances Perkins
A member of the “black cabinet” appointed by F.D.R. : Mary McLead Bethune
Economist who advocated deficit spending by the government Maynard Keynes
Doctor who wanted pension program for the elderly Dr. Frances Townsend
Senator with “Share Our Wealth” program Huey Long
Priest and critic of Roosevelt Father Charles Coughlin
Wrote about migrant workers in Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
Photographed migrant workers Dorothea Lange
Democrat and Catholic who lost to Hoover in 1928 Al Smith
Term for buying stocks with borrowed money *(probably on test)* buying on margin *(probably on test)*
Theory that blames the Federal Reserve for the severity of the depression Monetarist theory
Describes the drought stricken Midwest in the 1930s Dust Bowl
Regionalist painter of American Gothic Grant Wood
WWI veterans who protested in Washington for early payment of benefits Bonus Army
Roosevelt’s proposal to add 6 more justices to Supreme Court Court Packing
Supreme Court case that ruled N.I.R.A. unconstitutional Schechter vs US
Formed to organize workers by industry Committee of Industrial Organization
Branch of government most opposed to New Deal Judicial
Party that African-Americans supported beginning in 1930s Democratic????????
Entitlement program. Provides pension for elderly Social Security Act (S.S.A.)
Oversees and regulates the stock market Security and Exchange Commission
Built dams to control flooding and generate electricity in Appalachia Tennessee Valley Authority ( T.V.A. )
Lent money to banks and businesses in an effort to stimulate job creation Reconstruction Finance Corp (R.F.C)
Paid farmers a subsidy to produce less in order to raise crop prices Agricultural Adjustment Act (A.A.A.)
Gave direct grants of cash to those unable to work Federal Emergency Relief Act (F.E.R.A.)
Reversed policies of the Dawes Severalty Act Indian Reorganization Act ( I.R.A. )
Employed young men to do outdoor conservation work Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)
Guarantees right of unions to organize and bargain collectively National Labor Relations Act (N.L.R.A.)
Provided jobs that were not just construction type Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)
Provided construction type jobs Public Works Administration (P.W.A.)
Provided for 40 hr. work week, minimum wage, and ended child labor Fair Labor Standards Act (F.L.S.A.)
Guarantees savings against bank failure Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (F.D.I.C.)
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