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Unit VI Review A

Unit VI Review : 1920s & 1930s

President who promised a “return to normalcy”; was plagued by scandals Harding
President who said “the business of America is business” Coolidge
He was first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean Charles Lindbergh
1920s crime boss of Chicago Al Capone
Author whose works epitomized the “Roaring Twenties” / Jazz Age F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author who criticized conformity and middle class values – Main Street Sinclair Lewis
Sec. of Treasury - tax cuts for wealthy & businesses “supply-side” econ Andrew Mellon
Harlem Renaissance author / poet – best known Langston Huges
Harlem Renaissance composer and band leader "Duke" Ellington
Painted scenes of urban loneliness; Night Hawks Edward Hopper
Modern form of design and architecture in 1920s Art Deco
Teacher convicted for teaching evolution against TN. law John T. Scopes
She advocated family planning Margaret Sanger
Female radio evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson
She wrote about female African-American characters Zora Neale Houston
Sec. of Interior involved in a bribery scandal Albert Fall
Term for young women who challenged society’s norms Flappers
He advocated black pride and economic self-development Marcus Garvey
Law that enforced Prohibition Volstead Act
Plan to loan $ to Germany so it could pay its reparations Dawes Plan
Legislation that limited immigration Emergency Quota Act, National Origins Act
Treaty that formalized the Open Door Notes Nine Power Treaty
Agreement among nations to outlaw war Kellog-Briand Pact
Treaty that placed limits on naval buildup Five Power Treaty
The 1920s ( was / was not ) known for political, ethnic, social tolerance Was Not
The 1920s was a favorable time for unions ( True / False ) False
Scandal from the Harding administration Teapot Dome
Italian immigrants - received unfair trials due to their ethnicity & politics Sacco and Vanzetti
Term for businesses offering good benefits to undercut appeal of unions Welfare Capitalism
He used the assembly line in mass production Henry Ford
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