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Apologia Module 4

Test for module 4

What is the chemical formula for water? H2O
Electrolysis is when you use electricity to break down a molecule into it's elements
Polar Molecule is A molecule that has slight positive and negative charges
What is a Solvent A liquid capable of dissolving other substances.
What is Solute A substance that is dissolved in a solvent
Define Cohesion it's when individual molecules are so strongly attracted to each other, that they tend to stay together even when there is tension.
What is hard water? water that has certain dissolved ions in it, mainly calcium ions.
Some metals tend to absorb oxygen but not hydrogen. Suppose such a metal was covering the battery in an electrolysis experiment like in 4.1. Which is more likely erroneous result: h02 or h4o? H4o
Why is water a liquid at room temperature when all other chemically similar substances are gases at room temperature? Hydrogen bonding keeps the molecules close together
How many atoms are in one molecule of co2? How many atoms are in one molecule of CO? There are 3 atoms in CO2, and and 2 in CO.
The principal component of gasoline is octane, whose molecules are composed of eight carbon atoms (c) and eighteen hydrogen atoms (H) What is the chemical formula? C8H18
Why are water molecules polar? because both the oxygen atoms and the hydrogen atoms are fighting over the electrons they are supposed to be sharing.
If a substance does not dissolve in water, is it ionic,polar, or nonpolar? nonpolar
If a substance dissolves in water, will it dissolve in vegetable oil, a nonpolar substance? it will not dissolve in vegetable oil
Is hard water the result in the city's water treatment process? no, it is a result of calcium containing compounds from the region where it was taken.
Created by: sagedurbin on 2012-10-16

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