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IMC Exam 1

Ch 1

Elements of a Marketing Plan SOSPM - Situation analysis, specific mktg Objectives, marketing Strategy, Progrem for implementing strategy, process for Monitoring performance
Several years ago, consumers could get a free Bart Simpson watch if they collected and mailed in three Universal Product Codes from boxes of Kellogg's cereal. Which element of integrated marketing communications was being used in this case? Sales promotion
The ad for Gills onions in Fresh Cut, a publication for people in the grocery business, encouraged store managers to stock up on the product. The ad is an example of _____ advertising. trade
____ advertising would focus on creating a demand for MilkBone, a brand of dog biscuits, among consumers. Selective-demand
How did integrated marketing communications (IMC) revolutionize the role of marketing? It shifted marketplace power from retailers to manufacturers.
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