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After twenty years

setting new york city
theme don't betray your friend.
mood from calm and to a little sad.
person vs person When Jimmy ends up arresting Bob.
internal conflict When Jimmy is a traitor to Bob.
exposition Bob and Jimmy meeting at a restaurant after 20
other plots Rising action: When "Jimmy" goes up to Bob. Climax: Bob ends up finding out that the person isn't Jimmy. Falling Action:When Bob leaves the note.Conclusion: when Bob gets arrested.
narrator O. Henry
tone calm and peaceful
point of view 3rd omniscient
characters bob,jimmy, the police
major character Bob and Jimmy
protagonist Jimmy is the protagonist
antagonist Bob is the antagonist
minor character the cop
dynamic character the police officer is nice at first then all of a sudden he turns on him.
static character Jimmy because he doesn't really change in the story.
indirect characterization Jimmy: felt like he had to do the right thing. intelligent because
direct characterization The narrator describes jimmy as impressive.
symbol the restaurant because it represents where bob and jimmy are suppose to meet in 20 years.
irony When Bob doesn't think The police officer is really Jimmy
foreshadowing when Jimmy says " sometimes a good man changes into a bad one.
narrative hook When Jimmy gets arrested.
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