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Trumpet of the Swan

Vocabulary from Trumpet of the Swan

exploring to travel across for the purpose of discovery
naturally in a normal manner
discovered to learn or gain knowledge of something by study
ideal reguarded as the best of its kind
swamp a wet lowland area that is usually covered with water
boggy an area of soft, wet earth and decayed vegetation
serious requiring immediate attention
treacherous hazardous or dangerous
burble gurgling or bubbling sound
revelation discovering something that was not previously known
serenely calm, peaceful
buoyant to float
candidly honestly
retract to draw back
vain excessively proud
vile bad
stealthy secretly
vigilant alert
disinclined unwilling
analysis process of separating a whole in parts of discovering its relationship or function
peculiar unusual; weird
seized grab suddenly
resonant strong and deep tone
countenance facial expression
queer strange
desperation a state of which all hope is lost
offensive causing anger
sacrificed give up something of value as a means of gaining something more desirable
bestow to apply or place
plumage covering of feathers
implored to beg
wallop to hit with a hard blow
prejudices dislike for people of a specific race, religion, etc.
doze to sleep lightly
impractical not workable
malodorous having a bad smell
ovation approval by clapping the hands together
bellowed shout in a deep voice
immaculate completely neat and clean
thrashing hit hard and repeatedly
shrewd sly, cunning or tricky
compel pressure to do something
revulsion strong feelings of dislike
perceive come to realize or understand
bide to wait
acquaintance someone you know personally but is not officially your friend
candor quality of being open and honest in expression
succumbed to give up
procession the act of moving along
intensity great energy and strength
sullies make dirty; disgrace
folly lack of good sense
notions beliefs about something
superficial being on or near the surface
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